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How to backup your entire iPhone without using iTunes?

iTunes is Apple software developed to manage the content of your device, such as an iPhone or iPad, and allows us to make a full backup copy of our device. This application is what Apple recommends for this, however, for many users, iTunes is a very complicated and difficult to use application, which ultimately makes it difficult to manage data from iOS devices. Fortunately, there are alternatives to managing our Apple devices, and one of the most complete and easiest to use is DearMob iPhone Manager.

DearMob iPhone Manager is an application designed to allow us to easily manage everything related to our iOS devices, such as the iPhone. This application is responsible for transferring all types of documents from our PC to the iPhone, and vice versa, at high speed, it can send photos, music, videos and almost all files very easily.

This application will also allow us to manage almost all types of information on our device, ranging from security options to contacts, voice messages, ringtones, applications, SMS, and more.

DearMob iPhone Manager – Installation

After the program is installed, we run it. The first thing we will see is a window like the next one. If we have installed the Apple driver (installed when you install iTunes on a PC automatically), we will see how the program recognizes our device and shows us information such as, for example, the remaining battery or the iOS version installed.

DearMob iPhone Manager – Main window

In the main window of the program we will be able to see all the options offered by this program, such as managing photos, music, videos and other documents. From this section we can download files from iPhone to computer and vice versa to easily forward things from our PC to the computer. In addition, as we can see, we also have different buttons that allow us to encrypt and decrypt files, access contacts, download podcasts, e-books, voicemail, see a list of all installed applications (and install new applications), see our SMS, calendar, bookmarks, and, of course, turn our iPhone into USB.

Although we can back up all elements manually with the options offered by this program, if we want to do it as quickly and as automatically as possible, it is possible to use the Backup option offered by DearMob

How to back up all of our iPhones on a PC with DearMob

When choosing a backup option, or backup, from this tool we will see a new window from which we can choose whether we want to make a new backup or restore the previous backup. The backup process cannot be easier. All we have to do is choose, if we want, encryption for data (recommended), click the backup button, confirm the window that tells us that time will depend on the size of the data and wait until it’s finished, we don’t need to do anything else.

When the process is complete, we will have an iPhone or iPad backup on our computer. When the backup is complete we will see a summary message that will show the size of the backup. This backup will appear in the restore option, so if we have a new device, or have formatted our device, we can easily recover the copy. Interested? You can use the free giveaway licensed code before continuing with further versions.

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