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The Most Advanced Anti-drone Defense System in the world

When we talk about the drone, we never mention the term anti-drone, and it also exists. The usual thing is to say on this site or in front of the clients, all the possibilities and services offered by the drones, and everyone is amazed and surprised with the number of things they can do. And is that commercial drones are conquering the market day by day with a presence in many sectors.

This is because the first barrier of any consumer, the price, disappears day by day thanks to the decrease in purchase prices. The figures of the market show the attraction that exists for this type of aircraft among the public and is expected to reach 29 million drones in 2021.

Therefore, we have business ahead that opens up opportunities for manufacturers, technology, research, media, startups, and endless activities.

We have to mention again, that many of the big companies have set in these devices as part of what can be your business in the nearest future. Google, retail or technology companies are very interested in this sector. Not forgetting the patents that have been registered for years, further strengthen the commitment to the industry.

Of course, not all news helps this sector. Every day that passes, it is rare that in the day there does not arise a news report of the appearance of drones in restricted areas, endangering aircraft and travelers.

It is worth all of us dedicated to the sector; we have clear what is the situation surrounding these events, which is none other than foolish people, but not ignorant of the rules, because the matter is not new, or alien in the media communication. Only, these are reaffirmed in anodyne excuses, that by the simple fact of having it, they believe that they can fly it and take pictures if more.

Significantly these updates show the dedication of these security sectors that work to defend the world from the external rogue activities.

This is not something that only happens in this country, because the news about it comes from all over the world. Some countries already require registration at the time of purchase in the air navigation agencies and others have stated that they want to register each drone that is sold and have them identified. It is not for less.

A drone can be used to perform multiple functions in various sectors of activity. In fact, its use has opened a wide range of activities in fields, for example, such as agriculture and security, in which it has proven to be very useful. These are beneficial uses, although a drone can also be used to execute adverse actions, which joins the existing legal vacuum.

The primary objective of anti-drone systems is to prevent activities that are considered illegal, or that may involve or imply a real danger or threat.

The Skylock system also includes a series of advanced sensors and antennas, as well as a passive radar, this being one of its main innovations, since it allows to discriminate quickly and effectively only the drone, unlike other systems that detect indiscriminately any moving target, and even animals, which loses efficiency and precision in its use.

The Skylock drone system allows you to perform different actions simultaneously such as viewing the drone with a camera that rotates 360 degrees to see if it is carrying an object that could be considered dangerous.

Likewise, it is possible to remove the operator from the control of the drone, and if necessary, to supplant the GPS to interfere in the absolute control and this essential air navigation system can not guide that.

Skylock also allows acting on the drone to be expelled from the area considered critical or protected, primarily when it may entail some real danger, so that it does not manage to enter the safety perimeter and is immediately moved to its take-off zone.

For this purpose captured drone need to move back to its area.

With this system Skylock offers security and defense against the possible use of drones for non-lawful uses, having already detected some cases in which drone communications have been cut, corporate Wi-Fi networks have been hacked, and chemical attacks have been made. As well as many drug suppliers used these drones to supply the drugs even in the outreach territories. Also, terrorists used it for malicious deeds.

Drug traffickers have used them and, even terrorist attacks have already been carried out.

All this system developed by this startup, for about a year and a half, is based on an open source so that it can be used and adapted to the different needs of customers.

For example, it can operate in different bands and listen to different frequencies, be it for defense use, security of a critical zone, protection of economic zones, key buildings such as embassies or nuclear power plants, among others.

For more information, visit Skylock1 website at

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