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The Ultimate Guide to Improve Battery Life of your Laptop

Many mobile users have been complaining about the battery life of their smartphones. This has led to mobile phone manufacturers to offer advice on how the battery life of these devices can be extended. Laptops are still suffering the effect of low battery life fitted to it. However, mechanisms of improving battery life of a computer might be entirely different from the ones used for smartphones. In the recent past, the companies have started producing laptop batteries with a much longer lifespan. Despite all the improvements, it is still difficult to find the battery that can last the whole day. Some of the laptops needs long battery life, i.e. Chromebook 3. Chromebook 3 comes with higher processing power and stuffed with high quality features but still it don’t have the enough battery life to freely access its features for a whole day

This has warranted individuals to put more importance on taking care of the laptop battery and taking actions that will extend the usage of the cell. From a college student who needs a laptop in doing assignments to a business person depending on the computer to carryout errands, the battery life of the computer is significant. In this article, I am going to explore the ultimate guide that will help in improving the battery life of your computer. By the time you have gone through this article, you will be a guru in dealing with laptop batteries. You will be well equipped with the knowledge on how to care to improve the battery life of a laptop and what you should do to extend the life of the computer while using the battery. The following are the tips to help you.

Battery maintenance and care

Knowing what you need to do to improve the lifespan of your battery is crucial. You are capable of putting your laptop battery in a more durable and long-lasting shape with the use of a little TLC. Laptop batteries in the market are made to be recharged for the given amount of cycles.

Save your battery cycles

These cycles usually are in the region of 500. The periods vary depending on the quality of the battery you have. This means that a cell can be recharged as many times as the number of cycles without developing any troubles. In the past, there used to be a battery recharge memory; this is where a battery of the laptop will remember the amount of power it had before the recharge was initiated. When it starts forgetting the recharge memory, the battery life it had will reduce. In the modern technological world, the recharge memory is not applicable,and many people are of the opinion that the battery should be fully discharged before recharging again.

Manufacturers recommend that the battery should at any given time have in between 20% to 80% power. The main reason behind this is to reduce the charging time hence saving the cycles of the battery.

Keep it cool

Modern technological devices always become hot when used. The warm temperatures will in one way or the other affect the battery life of your laptop. The heat can destroy the components of the battery and can lead to problems recharging the battery once it is depleted. To keep your computer healthy, try keeping at room temperature all the time.

Proper laptop storage

Many people have acquired spare batteries for their laptops. Storing them becomes a problem. To make sure that your battery is stored correctly and cannot be damaged, ensure that it is at least 50% charged. If a cell is depleted and stored for a significant period in that condition will make it cease to function when you start using it again. While storing the battery or even the laptop, avoid storing it in extreme temperatures.

Clean your laptop and battery

To keep your laptop battery in better shape, remove it and clean thoroughly once in a few months. Pay close attention to the connectors and remove any dust or dirt in them. This will ensure proper connection between your battery and the laptop. If the battery is not removable like that on MacBooks battery, ensure the cleanliness of your computer.

Battery life improvement tips


Turn off Screensaver

Screensavers drain laptops battery as most of them are life. Unlike in the past where screensavers were part of the laptop user as they prevented the user from experiencing screen burn-in. when you allow your computer to hibernate or go to sleep, make sure that the screen is blank

Reduce screen contrast

The biggest consumer of any battery is the screen display of a laptop. To prolong the battery life of a computer, turn down the screen brightness.

Close background running applications

Your computer usually starts up with many apps running. The majority of these applications run in the background. Turning off these applications from the background will minimize the effects on your hardware and most importantly save the charge in your battery.

Disable unused hardware

Nowadays, laptops have more device than a person needs. The features that one does not use such as Bluetooth, Ethernet ports which are not in use should be disabled as they consume battery charge while running.

Avoid maximizing your RAM

When a RAM is used in capacity, the information will be stored on the hard drive. Accessing this information later will make the hard drive to use more power than the RAM could have used it. This will spell that the drain rate of the battery will increase.

Make sure your hard drives are clean

When hard drives are kept clean, they will be faster,and the computer will operate with ease requiring less energy to run.

Turn off keyboard lighting

After turning down screen brightness, it is important to turn off keyboard backlight to save energy. If you are sitting in lit rooms or operating your laptop during the day, turn off your keyboard light.

Make use of the power saving features

Most operating systems have power saving features built in them. When you are using battery only, engage these features that will help your machine to use very little ability to run on.


After reading this ultimate guide you are now able to solve your laptop battery draining fast problem. Here we have cover most of important aspects that ultimately lead to increase your laptop battery life. If you follow the suggestions that we discussed here, it will results in efficient use of your laptop and saving its energy.

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