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IFS Launches Infield Service Management (IFS) 6

Want to learn more about field management software? Find out in this quick news report!

IFS, the international applications company, view major updates that are on their infield service management. This new version, created for the cloud, 50% performance improvement, and a reimaged user experience.

How can companies benefit from this?

Customers who decide to use IFS FSM 6 as a multi-tenant solution, on-premise and as a managed service on the cloud. This increased flexibility will give customers a choice on how they pay, from a monthly subscription to outright ownership.

What is Field Service Management Software

Field service management is a system made for conducting field operations via a mobile workforce. On simple terms, it entails dispatching agents, tracking job status and vehicle location, and scheduling service orders.

The right field service management software solution can help provide mobile access and automate tasks via a cloud-based platform. FSM is found in multiple industries, but those that employ mobile contractors and agents such as in-home healthcare, utilities, management, public sector transportation, and telecommunications.

FSM solutions will change depending on user intent and industry, ranging from order scheduling to product suite for enterprises, and “best of breed” applications. Here are some of the capabilities you’ll see in a standard platform.

  • Job Status Updates
  • Customer Portals
  • Technician/Vehicle Location Tracking
  • Order and Scheduling Management
  • Inventory and Parts Management

Uses and Benefits of FSM Software

Organizations who use field service management software are seeing in increase in jobs for at least 47%. This represents a large improvement in job efficiency. Service companies leverage FSM to reduce costs and increase values in multiple areas:

  • Workforce and Visibility Management: FSM solutions that have tracking capabilities to keep customer service reps and managers updated on job statuses and vehicle locations. This helps teams solve problems faster and increases the accountability of the business. The government of Virginia, for instance, uses Snow Trax to track your locations during the winter. GPS devices till tell city officials where the roads are plowed, the location of snowplows, and when people are scheduled for clearing.
  • Manage Contractors: Because of the increased rate of competition, an aging workforce, and high customer demands, companies have chosen to farm their field service to their independent contractors. Based on the Aberdeen Group, firms that have technicians have a have 50% increased ratings in asset uptime. Even then, working with your contractors makes an additional degree of separation between the customers and your brand. FSM software allows you to have control over your time tracking, field tracking, order scheduling, so you can tell your customers that they’ll expect the service they’d expect inside the suggested window time.
  • Better Data Entry: Paper based models create additional opportunities for error through dishonesty, or redundant data entry. The FSM solution will help you log hours, complete proofs of service, or record job data. With its real-time digital data collection, it increases the risk of security and accuracy for future audits.

As customers become more selective and savvier about the services they pay for, field service is becoming a highly competitive industry. The organization’s ability to create fast, efficient solutions through mobile workforces might be differences than trailing or leading their competitors.


Field service management software is no longer a tool held by enterprises; its a needed tool for survival, and is one of the best gifts that users can give to their agents. Thus, it will be a great asset for businesses who take the time to start using it for their daily operations.

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