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Types of gaming mouse and tips to select best one

Most of the PC gamers, and mostly the ones who play FPS games they require an ambidextrous mouse, as only these types of mouse can do justice to the games these gamers play. This type of mouse also solves the problem for people who use their left hand to play the games. Thus, this mouse makes it relatively easier for the gamers. Most of the serious gamers whether playing a sport game, shooting game or online games they require a mouse which has a great quality sensor and which can have agile movements. There are many brands in market making these types of mouse and keyboard and these mice provide high DPI, great customization and very fast movements.

Some of the great gaming mouse you should prefer

When it comes to choosing a gaming mouse, one must remember that they will need all the extra keys and also need a gaming peripheral that might match the design of the keyboard. Here are few of the mice that you should look out for:

1. Razer DeathAdder

This type of mouse has a great optical sensor and you can avail this mouse at a very good deal, this is for the gamers who are budget conscious. This mouse has an e-sports-grade sensor that has 450IPS and a 16,000 DPI, these features of this mouse will give a great experience to the users regardless of their main hand. This is one of the best mice which is offered in the market and gives an excellent experience while playing intense games. The mouse is of a perfect size and it easily fits in the hands of the gamer and this mouse is known for its accuracy of its onscreen movement response, you wouldn’t be disappointed with that.

2. Logitech G900

This is the most popular mouse when it comes to wireless gaming and this mouse is perfect for the left hand users, this mouse comes with the feature of eleven buttons that can be programmed according to the preference, one can get the benefit of 2.5GHz connection that allows the mouse to connect to the device without any wire. There are 5 DPI settings in this mouse and one can easily change it according to the need and it also offer zero filtering and smoothing. The mouse being wireless has a battery life of 32 hours after full charge due to its power pack features, this mouse is going to remain solid while playing best of best games.

3. CORSAIR Harpoon RBG gaming mouse

Even this mouse can be really a good choice when one is looking for a budget gaming mouse. It is specially designed with an optical gaming sensor and it has a special advanced tracking this is present to make sure that perfect accuracy is present. It has six programmable buttons and it is available at an affordable price. The mouse is light weighted and its design doesn’t make one fatigue, one can keep on playing. Thus, if a gamer is looking out for a cheaper option and need a performing mouse CORSAIR Harpoon is answer to all his questions. Its grip on the left hand side of the mouse makes it really easy for the gamers.

4. ASUS ROG Spatha RGB Wireless

This is one of the highly popular mice in the category of wireless mice and this mouse is chosen by hardcore gamers, it has three features it has a scroll wheel, ROG logo and side buttons and it has customizable lightings. There are almost twelve customizable buttons which will suit the needs of any game and with this mouse you get an additional feature of Omron click switches which will help the gamer to set the resistance of the clicks.

Tips to select best gaming mouse

When it comes to game play, the sensitivity of the mouse is really important. Most of the time from the DPI of the mouse sensitivity can be judged. The DPI can be set according to the gamers’ needs and can be done either through a button on mouse or through the setting option. DPI can be set according to the need of the game, if the game requires moving and dodging then the DPI required should be higher and on contrary if the game requires sniping then the accuracy needed will be more and that can be achieved by lowering the DPI.

Weight plays a major role in selecting a mouse, one might get fatigue or tired if the mouse doesn’t fit in their hands properly and it can impact the gaming ability. So, if a gamer is playing for longer hours, it is suggested to use a mouse with light weight. Different games may need different weighted mouse, a game where you have to move quickly a light mouse would be useful but during sniping a mouse would require some weight for its stability.

Thus, finding a good gaming mouse could be really very confusing due to the various options available in the market and all the options have particular and special features which gives benefit in their own way. So, one must identify their need regarding the mouse, do a full market research and set their budget to select a perfect mouse for themselves. Lastly, the features shouldn’t be compromised so one must keep in mind the features they would want in the mouse.

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