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How to Avoid the Telephone Scams – Pro Tips

As latest technology lingers to change our lives, it is also the major reason behind increasing the number of telephone scams. Criminals use different approaches to take the money of people away via phone scams and these can cost a victim in range of a few dollars to the savings of whole life. Criminals call their victims directly and force them to act rapidly even without talking to any other person.

You are the only person who can play a vital role in making your details and information safe and keep them away from scammers. You can take initial steps to make your side secure like strong passwords, use of the secured devices and two factor authentications etc to avoid telephone scams. Recommended safety measures should also be implemented to keep your information safe.

Pro Tips for avoiding phone scams

Consider the fact that scams exist

Whether it is in text message, email or in a social media profile, before dealing with an unknown number you should consider that the tactic might be the scam to take your money or anything of value away. Either it is for business or for personal reason, do some research before dealing with someone online.

Know who the exact sender is

If an unusual message or email comes from friends’ circle, contact them directly to inquire about the situation instead of replying the email or message. Through this way, you can know the right sender whether it was a scammer or your friend in real.

Don’t believe your caller ID

Due to the latest technological advances, it is very easy to make a fake caller ID with help of different software and scammers can use the name and number of your loved ones to make you fool with intention to take your money away. If someone calling you from a familiar number but the whole conversation is unusual and asking about personal details or money, simply hang up such calls and call your friend or family member directly to know the right things.

Do not open doubtful news, pop-up windows or click on links in unusual emails

Never ever open an unusual email, pop up window or link in the emails to avoid the telephone scam as it could be an illegal tactic to access your personal information stored in the device instead of providing you the latest cryptocurrency news that you need to know the most as an investor. Always do some internet search or using a directory to verify the identity before starting the communication either via phone call or via email.

Hang up the calls asking for remote access to your computer

Scammers often call their victims and ask them to turn on the computer and allow them to operate it remotely for fixing an issue or problem. So, you should hang up all the phone calls asking for the remote access to your computer or any other device. They may add a virus into your computer in the name of upgrading your system or device with latest features.

Make sure your personal details are secure

Have a look on your personal details to make sure that they are secure and unreachable from any other individual. Keep your PIN and credit card details safe and most importantly be always careful about how much personal information you are sharing on social media accounts. Phone scammers can use such details and information to harm yourself by providing all the details that you have shared on social media profiles.

Keep your mobile devices secure

You should always use secured mobile devices and ensure the use of password protection to keep your data protected from others. Keep your operating systems updated and use internet connection which is secure.

Choose strong passwords

Always pick a password which is hard to guess and break. Changing your password is also a great way to keep your personal information safe. Never every try to use the same password for multiple online accounts or devices to avoid phone scams.

Review your social media privacy

If you are using different social media profiles wither for personal or business use, you should review the social media profile privacy setting to make sure that your personal and confidential information and details are not visible to any other. Staying on the top of privacy settings is the right way to keep your information safe shared on social media profiles.

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