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Published on June 15th, 2018 | by Sudhanshu Sorout


Entertainment – A Glimpse at A ‘Before and After’ Picture

It might be hard for the young generation to imagine what entertainment looked like, back in the golden days. After all, almost every youngster is glued to their smartphones which is now the new meaning of ‘entertainment’. However, people of the previous eras, did have fun! They found simple ways to entertain themselves like playing bridge, reading books or dancing to radio music. Let’s look at the ‘before and after’ to see the many changes!


Back in the days, there was no technology and people had to entertain themselves and others. They did so by coming up with ideas which could become fun activities. For instance, sports have always been an entertaining activity for many. When people did not have television, they used to go outside or in arena to watch the live games. Or, all the neighbourhood would gather at someone’s place to listen to the live games on radio. This was an entertainment for them as they would all be together, doing what they love, in the best possible way. As for live entertainment, people would mostly gather to watch musical shows, which were hosted every now and then. People would gather on the streets watching musicians. At some point, people had computers but they mostly used it for games like Pac-man, Tetris, Donkey Kong and many others. Or, people who have televisions enjoy video games with friends!


Nowadays, technology has taken over the entertainment world for the better. With the introduction of televisions and internet, people can watch movies at their own pace and in their own comfort. People can either go to the cinemas as these are affordable nowadays or they can simply stream movies online from one of the many sites. Unlike back in the days, people do not need to listen to radios for updates or music. There are ways to find updates about the world such as online journals or apps which send live updates. As for music, there are many tools and applications which lets people enjoy their preferred songs on the go, like YouTube or iPods! When it comes to gaming, people no longer have to go to casinos or play simple graphic games. They can enjoy high quality games from their home at This online gaming site proposes a wide collection of online games which players can enjoy on any type of devices. Plus, they have an application which can be downloaded on smartphones! If you’re looking for modern gaming entertainment, you might want to check out Robin Hood Bingo!

No matter which generation you belong to, entertainment must have surely been a part of it. It is no surprise that with time, the definition of entertainment changes. It changed from simple games to enhanced ones, and from computer to online ones. And, there are chances that it will know more changes in the upcoming years. Be ready for the surprise! Who knows what technology could bring more?

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