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5 Tips to using the Dealdash app to save money

Financial success comes in spending less than you are earning. But doing this is not always an easy task because we tend to spend more.

Luckily, there are apps that can help you to save money when buying items such as the dealdash app. Here, you can buy items with up to 90 percent discount. All you need to do is buy bids and then start bidding for your selected item.

While it may seem very easy and enticing, it requires a bit of strategizing so you can win bids and buy items at the extremely low prices. This you can do using the dealdash app which can allow you to sign up, buy bids, place bids, use BidBuddy, search products, pay, track wins and set alerts. You can find the app here

Here are five tips on how you can use dealdash app to save money.

Buy bigger bid packs

The lowest bid pack costs $36 and comes with 60 bids which translate 60 cents per bid. The bigger the bid pack, the lower each bid costs. Remember that the more bids you have, the more you are likely to bid, win and get a product at a low cost.

Take advantage of promotions

The deal dash app comes with promotions from time to time. Take advantage of these promotions so you can get extra benefits. For instance, you can bid for products that are on 50% off promotion or you can check out for the promotions of “free bids faster” where if you are the highest bidder, the bar fills up much faster, which means you will get to the next level much faster and at the same time get free bids faster.

Make sure you check the bid price of a product often since sometimes the products can be cheaper. In addition, ensure you are online earlier before the auctions start so you find interesting products beforehand.

Use bidbuddy

You may not always be online bidding and you may want that camera that is 90% off. Here is where BidBuddy comes. The BidBuddy places the bids for you automatically, one at a time and at the optimal times so you can be the highest bidder and win the bid. All you need to do is enter the number of bids you want to place on a particular product, and it will strategically place the bids.

Conserve bids

If you are placing bids without using bidbuddy, do it strategically. Do not just place bids rapidly as you will waste the bids and also cause the auction price to go up.

To be more strategic, you can study your competitors in an auction, track them and find out their bidding strategies. This way, you can know when to place bids.

Remember you can earn free bids if you get to a new level after being the highest bidder.

Avoid stiff competition

Most popular items face stiff competition from bidders. To be on the safe side, bid on less popular and less expensive items on your dealdash app. This way, you are likely to win the bid and buy the items at low prices.

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