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Top 5 Apps That a Photographer Should Have

It happens many times that pictures you take from your camera don’t always match the scene the way you remember it. Sometimes your images require brush-up to make them look good. To make your photos look perfect and professional you can use certain photography apps. You can use these tools to enhance your photography experience whether you are the beginner or a pro. You can use these tools to enhance and perfect your photography skills. You can organize, edit or share your photos anytime anywhere from your mobile, computer, tablet or on the web easily using these apps. Let’s have a look at some of these useful apps.


This is a useful app to help you geotag your images while taking pictures from your camera. To geotag your images, you can use your phone or tablet’s GPS system. To geotag your images, enable the app on your phone or tablet so that it helps you get GPS codes and start taking pictures from your camera. The app uses a QR code to synchronize the track log with the times that the pictures were captured. Though newly released camera devices feature built-in GPS system, this app is useful for many others. This useful app provides easy GPS-tagging functionality effortlessly.

Photographer’s Tools:

This user-friendly, unobtrusive interface photography tool helps you access some of the photography’s most basic and useful quantities. It works as a depth of field calculator to provide you hyper local distances to support your landscape photography. It also provides you information about sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset times along with twilight, blue and golden hour window. In other features it offers ND filter calculator, gray card, determining features for white balances etc.


This relatively inexpensive tool uses your smartphone as the trigger. This useful app is easy to use and all trigger modes and parameters it offers are readily accessible and easily modified. It includes self-timer, cable release, vibration, sound, motion sensors, facial recognition and lot more. It also offers extensive time-lapse capabilities including useful “TimeWarp” and “DistanceLapse” modes. TimeWarp creates acceleration or deceleration effect, while DistanceLapse takes a shot each time the camera device has traveled a predefined distance. This impressive app also includes HDR and HDR Time-lapse modes and other useful features.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom:

You can use this app to perform a variety of tasks to make your photos look perfect. You can use this app to edit your picture the way you want it to be. You can punch-up colors, remove distracting objects, make dull-looking pictures vibrant, straighten skewed shots and can do the lot more. Additionally, it offers incredible panorama options, option to edit Adobe raw DNG photos and lot more. You can edit, sync, share your images using this impressive tool. In other features it offers RAW support on mobile devices, local adjustments, direct access to Adobe Stock, shoot-through presets, Lightroom for Apple TV and much more.

Canon Camera Connect:

This is a useful app for Canon digital camera users as it allows users to transfer images from their digital camera to Android devices via Wi-Fi. It enables users to edit, share, browse, and save images saved in camera using Android devices. In its additional features, it offers remote shooting with Android device operation, NFC support, location information, Bluetooth pairing etc. This app works in different languages to help users around the world.

With the arrival of smartphones requirement of the camera, devices have plunged significantly. Despite the fact that premature photography is mostly shifted to these smartphone devices, these smartphone devices are also useful to enhance the quality of photos taken by camera devices. To do this you can download certain photography apps on your mobile to improve your photo quality and photography skills. Alternatively, you can use photography apps on your computer systems as well. Other than these apps you can use various other apps like duplicate photo finder apps to delete duplicate photos. Duplicate photos occupy a lot of storage space thus using these apps makes complete sense. You can use Noise reducer apps to fix noise issue in your digital images to make them look better again. You can also use other apps like weather apps, landscape photography apps, exposure apps etc. to improve your photography significantly.


Photography apps are useful tools to edit, share, save your images on various platforms. These tools can help you make your regular photos look stunning. There are certain apps which every photographer should have. Let’s discuss some of these apps.


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