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Five Tricks to Save Battery Life Without a Powerbank

Battery power is still among the most important specs of a smartphone or tablet. This is because everything your gadget can do is limited by how long your power can last. And even if buying powerbanks and spare batteries can easily solve this problem, some don’t want the added hassle of bringing an additional accessory.

Thankfully, there are ways to maximize your phone’s battery life, even if its capacity isn’t that high. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Disable Your Bloatware

    It’s a fact that running apps and functions drain your phone’s battery, simply because the processor and RAM tend to draw more power from it. That’s why you have to disable the bloatware—the bundled pre-installed apps and other background drivers—in your smartphone. These can end up running in the background and consume unnecessary processing power.In some cases, they can also eat up your Wi-Fi or mobile data bandwidth, making your internet browsing even slower. This in turn also consumes RAM and battery power, which slows your phone down to a crawl.Common bloatware can include apps and widgets that report news, weather, stocks. Even pre-installed games can count. Fortunately, these can be disabled by going to your phone’s application manager in the settings. Simply select the apps you want to disable, then tap the button to keep them from running.

  2. Know How to Use Power Saving Mode

    Power saving mode is now a standard feature of smartphones. You can use it to conserve energy when your phone is running low on power. To turn it on, simply check the Battery option under the Settings panel of your device. Some smartphones can even turn this feature on automatically when your battery power level drops to a certain number.Some phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7, even have an improved Ultra Power Saving Mode. This stops most background apps and leaves you with only the essentials: call and text messaging functions, plus the clock. You can add also other functions like a basic internet browser and a calculator if needed.
  3. Maximize Your App Manager

    Apps will always be running in the background. This is because the phone’s RAM keeps it cached so you can open them again faster. Hence, app managers and task killers are key to disabling apps and freeing up your RAM space. This can leave your battery free to power more important functions. By having one on your device, you can easily kill off apps with just one tap.App managers like BatteryTime are also excellent at keeping background apps from eating up too much memory. If you’re a heavy user of social media apps and games, having this can help to completely shut them down after each session. You should also make it a point to uninstall old apps that you don’t use anymore, instead of killing them off every time you use your device.
  4. Adjust Your Gadget’s Screen Brightness

    As an article on Wired magazine notes, the brighter your smartphone’s or tablet’s screen is, the faster it eats through your battery life. So make sure to always turn on your gadget’s auto-brightness feature—or you can even turn the brightness lower. This ensures that your smartphone’s screen just emits the right amount of light and doesn’t consume too much energy.
  5. Turn Off Mobile Data and Bluetooth When Not in Use

    Connectivity features like mobile data, Bluetooth, and GPS locators consume power to run. Keep them turned off unless you need to use them, so that your phone can last longer. And if you’re constantly connected to the internet, this can also consume prepaid credits or increase your postpaid plan’s payments unnecessarily.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you get the most out of your smartphone or tablet, whether you’re using something for casual users or one for the high-end market. 2Kreviews has made an even more comprehensive phone battery saving guide you need to read.

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