Internet Vs. Real Life

Published on September 22nd, 2017 | by Sunit Nandi

Though the personal connection the internet provides may be anything less than real, there is no doubt it has opened more business opportunities than there have ever been. Think about all the social media friends, all ... Read More


5 Ways Technology Can Boost your Productivity

Published on September 18th, 2017 | by Sunit Nandi

Early humans invented simple tools to help them carry out the tasks they needed to undertake in order to ensure their survival. The same can be said today, with gadgets and appliances serving as our artificial ... Read More


Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends

Published on September 18th, 2017 | by Sunit Nandi

The question of whether you should opt for cloud system or not, is now far gone. The query that is now frequently asked is when will you shift to cloud computing? Majority companies have shifted their ... Read More


A Simple Guide to Taking Care of Hardwood Floors

Published on September 18th, 2017 | by Guest

Hardwood floors don’t come cheap. Perhaps it’s because of their undeniable beauty. According to a report by Home Depot, the average homeowner spends $4396 on average on installing wood floors. They add some warmth and natural ... Read More


The Pros and Cons of Free Web Hosting

Published on September 15th, 2017 | by Guest

If you are dabbling with getting your own blog set up for the every first time then you will probably want to find out as much information and guidance as you can. There are a range ... Read More


Online Gaming Tips for Newcomers

Published on September 15th, 2017 | by Sunit Nandi

New gamers are often welcomed by the grumpiest gamers with annoyance. But there are tips which are very helpful to them. There is also so much to consider, so many choices to make and so many ... Read More


What does AI have to do with Online Retail?

Published on September 14th, 2017 | by Guest

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is transforming the financial sector, particularly retail banking in various ways due to the technological advancements. Most of the banks today are in the starting stages of AI adoption. The AI technologies like predictive ... Read More

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