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Best Apps to Start Up a Great Business

There are a few millions of graduates who are still in search for a job for their livelihood. People are demanding for various things, everyone in the business field would like to fulfill them. If, we are unable to find a job for ourselves, then why not start a business? We are aware that there are many of us who have started their business as a small start up and now, we are making millions out of it.

Starting up a business is not a piece of cake, there are zillions of things we need to look into and take the right step. To start a business, what we need to do first? Investment, which is of course the most important factor, without which there will be no business at all. Doing it alone, well that is not a great idea to start with, so create a team of efficient and knowledgeable people.

Time is a luxury, we need to make things faster and it needs to have quality and perfection. Now, we have millions of apps available for us to get things done fast. We don’t need to wait for long, as these mobile apps will help us out in our task. Internet, this is the main source of information for anyone of us, everything we need is available on the cyberspace.

Creativity and innovative thinking are the main factors of a new business start up. If, we want to have fresh and innovative ideas for our business, there are apps available for us to use. Anything related to a particular business, we want to start, there are applications available for us to avail. With so many apps available in the store, we need to choose the one which is best for us to start with.

Let’s go ahead and check the best apps in the store for us to start a great business and reap even greater benefits out of it.


An inspiration is what all we need, when we are trying to do something new and different. A business will be successful only when there are multitudes of ideas being shared. Evernote is one such app which will help us to share ideas. Ideas, which are innovative, creative and the ones which hit the right chord all this can happen anywhere at no particular time.

We cannot afford to miss them, so this app will help us to capture the ideas or jot them down on the go. It helps us to find things faster, and help us to save time. We can use this app across multiple devices and it allows us to share our ideas with anyone. This app is the best in storing our ideas, texts, notes, and documents, anything which is related to our business.


Workforce is required for any kind of venture we are going to invest in; they are the assets for our endeavor. We are aware that there are people who are looking for a job. Millions of applications are sent for us to recruit, it is a tedious task to pick out the best one out. RecruiterBox helps us to fetch the details of the candidate who will be the best fit for a particular posting.

We can just sit back and start with the hiring process, rather than sit down and screen through the resumes. It helps us to save lots of time, as the resumes will be fetched at one place and handled. It is the best solution for hiring the finest workforce with the help of the technology.


Meetings, this is a crucial factor for any kind of business we are presently pursuing. There are a few professionals, who do not do things sitting in their respective offices. People tend to be travelling and going to different places and may not be able to make it in person.  MobileDay is the perfect app for the people who have a busy schedule with their personal and professional life.

It will sync with the native calendar of the particular phone, schedule for the day can be fetched with the help of the app. A notification will be sent to the users with the details of the plans for the day. The best part of this app is that, we can easily join any conference calls and online meetings. If, we are unable to make it to the meeting, we can intimate it to our team as well.

Dragon Dictation

Typing at times becomes a dreary for an entrepreneur, as they have got other things to work on. A personal assistant who can jot down the important things for our work would be great. How about a virtual personal assistant? Sounds great, isn’t? Dragon Dictation is an app which helps us to speak to our phone to get our things enlisted for future purposes.

Unfortunately, this particular app is available only for the people who own an Apple device. It is a speech recognition app, we can record our notes, suggestions, and posts and just about anything in regards to our work. We need to have an internet connection to use this app, it is one of the most recommended apps and has almost 3.7 million downloads till date.


There are times when we don’t find time to read all the required information, as we are busy with other important things. We may feel like reading it on a later note, and want to continue it from where we have left. Pocket helps us to make a bookmark of the content which would like to read at a leisurely pace. Information is a very crucial thing for a business to be successful. This app helps us to be up-to-date with the information we need to know, for us to flourish in our business. It helps us to keep the things in an organized manner, so we are comfortable to work in our own pace.


Tracking the time of our work is a necessary factor for the business. Only if we have a track of time spent on each task will help us to know, where we need to focus. Yast lets us to track the time the workers are spending on the task assigned. It is just not that, we can even check the billable hours we are spending with our business. Entrepreneurs can keep the track of the productivity there business is incurring as well.


Financing and managing is a herculean task for any entrepreneur, keeping a track of it is also tiring. Mint will help us to maintain the details about the finances we are having. We can feed all the records about the expenditure we have made, budget for the business, credit balances and everything related to finances. Savings can be done, as we are aware about the inflow and outflow of money. We have the option to aggregate our personal account details as well. It allows us to track the bank, credit, loan and investment details of our business as well.

Business, handling is a task which not every one of us can carry it off easily. There are nuances to tackle a particular business, only then it will be a successful one. These apps are just a few hands, which makes our task easier and hassle free. It will help us to be more productive towards our work and handle things in an organized fashion.

We do face certain obstacles down the lane, when we are having a tremendous business. But, they are not going to stop us from reaching out for the skies and make it big. It is just the beginning of our venture into the world of strong contenders. We have got a long way to go with our entrepreneurship and take the stairs to success. Finally, we can clearly state that these apps are going to help us to make a great business.


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Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of, best PHP scripts Development Company located in India. Zoplay is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company which developed a Zoplay Scripts.

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